Braids Town - Houston, TX
11159 B Fondren Rd - Houston TX 77096 - (713) 779-8830
Braid Town Hair Braiding and Weaving
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Braids Town - Houston, TX

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Braids Town - Houston, TX

 Words & Opinions

Tyroneerart wrote on 15. Jan. 2017 - 16:59
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Bouanga nsonguila wrote on 11. Oct. 2016 - 18:18
I have my hair done at braids town the service was nice and quick i will definily come back
Princess wrote on 26. May. 2016 - 18:28
I've been coming here for 5 years. Matu is such a fantastic stylist and she's alway profession and warm. She make sure you are satisfied and happy before you leave. I really love her professionalism and work savvy. Keep up the good work. Satisfied!
Kendia Washington wrote on 20. May. 2016 - 02:46
Very convenient and friendly service. :0)
Tarika wrote on 9. May. 2016 - 22:15
Very Unprofessional!!!! The young ladies that work there are very loud and rude!!! They talk about you in French, argue with each other and smell.You make an appointment and there's no sense of time, assigned braider no where to be found. Overall bad service.
Dee wrote on 17. Mar. 2016 - 10:27
My daughter got her hair done here it was really cute, so I decided to give them a try. Never again!!!. Yes they were fast, it was 3 ladies in my head pulling my hair very tight and didn't seem to care. Six days later have hair bumps. 😡
unhappy mom wrote on 28. Oct. 2015 - 21:08
The 1st time I went my edges were coming out when my braids were taken down. The 2nd time I took my daughter and her braids were coming out with her real hair attached. HORRIBLE. ALL within the first two weeks of having done her hair. NEVA AGAIN..
Audrey Ket wrote on 8. Aug. 2015 - 22:17
I went there, I get my crochet hair done so perfect.Some braiders are really good. I was really satisfied.
Christy wrote on 29. Jun. 2015 - 22:59
They do good But they are so rude!!!!
Kesha wrote on 27. Jun. 2015 - 15:02
Wish I could upload all the times my hair was done here they do great work.
Not happy customer wrote on 7. Jun. 2015 - 22:28
my experience at Braid Town on Fondren was HORRIBLE. Those are the most unprofessional women ever. They are rude & one little nasty braid lady walked around with her breast out being nasty. I would NEVER EVER RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO BRAID TOWN! I WOULD RATHER DRIVE OUT OF TOWN !ð
lwalker wrote on 4. Apr. 2015 - 03:37
Stylist talked alot no English and pretended to not understand me when I asked for them to not braid so tight or to wash their hands, they all went back and forth dipping hands in one jar of gelled or hair grease...major infection control issue! Sgwyf1
l walker wrote on 4. Apr. 2015 - 03:34
Salon was not sanitary, braids extremely too tight even after asking to please not braid so tight used too much braiding hair for amount of hair I had on my head very noisy staff no hand washing noted unsanitary environment
Stella wrote on 15. Oct. 2014 - 15:43
What a good salon! very professional and clean
thak you
Chan wrote on 29. Oct. 2012 - 15:43
Matu and her braiders are good...I was short they caught it. I always get compliments when she does my micro-braids..c-u-Thursday MaTu
Toni wrote on 9. Jun. 2012 - 02:18
I took my 12 yr old nephew to get his hair braided for the first time. Matau did such a wonderful job! We will be back...
Sonja wrote on 22. Aug. 2011 - 17:47
wanting to get micro's
Bernadine Newman wrote on 13. May. 2011 - 14:39
Ive been getting my hair braid by Matu and the other ladies at Braidtown for over a year now, they always do outstanding work and I have always been satisfied, Everywhere I go I get compliments on my hair
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11159 B Fondren Rd , Houston TX 77096 USA
(713) 779-8830

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Braids Town - Houston, TX